Autocorrect made easy

Who wants to type faster in Microsoft Office? Yes please, I do. So start using autocorrect. Autocorrect is a built in program within the Office suite that replaces words as you type. For example, if I type “commitee” it will autocorrect it to the correct version “committee”. That’s 2 t’s.The best part of autocorrect is that you can add to the built in list. Whenever I need to type my name all I do is type “sc” and it autocorrects it to “Steve Chase”

First thing you need to do is go into options. Using Word 2010, you would click File then click Options. Using Word 2007, you would click the office button (one of my students called it the pizza button because of its circle shape), then click Word options.

From the options dialog box, click the proofing tab, then click “Autocorrect


After clicking Autocorrect then type what you want to replace text with as you type followed up by clicking Add.


The example I have above is one that my wife used for her cookbooks. She types ” 1cf” and then hits the space bar and “1 cup flour…20 cents” appears.

Tip: Autocorrect is a feature that you only need to program it once and it will work on all the Microsoft programs. Get to the Autocorrect by going into the options dialog box from within any program.

Question: What will you add to your autocorrect to make typing documents faster?


About Steve Chase

I'm a proud husband and dad to 4 boys! Microsoft Certified Trainer and Boy Scout Leader are some of things I call myself. The Cincinnati Reds are my favorite team! When not outdoors, I enjoy working with documents in Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, Visio and Photoshop. My wife, Erin, shares her awesome recipes on her blog at
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3 Responses to Autocorrect made easy

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  2. Stephen says:

    Hi Steve looking for more advice in excel formula,
    Column a is date of joining committee
    Column b is date of last re election to committee
    Column c will be three years on from last election, I.e next election date what formula shoul I use for this.
    Column d I would like traffic lights Amber would reflect up for re election in 12 months and red would be up for re election in 6 months
    Column e would then be number of years since joining the committee based on the date in column a
    Column f would then be more traffic lights- green under 8 years, Amber 8 years and red 9 years or over.
    I would appreciate any advice you can offer me.
    Thanks and regards

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