8 Excel Tips

Switching worksheets:  Do you find yourself frustrated with navigating to the right worksheet because you have too many? A quick and easy solution is to right click on top of the navigator arrows (just to the left of the worksheet tabs). You will get a list of all the available worksheets. Just click the one you want and you are there in a snap!

Select large amounts of data: Ever find yourself wishing your mouse would behave when trying to select a long list of data in excel like maybe when you have a function dialog box open? Try using your keyboard instead of the mouse. First select the top left cell of the data you want to select. Hold down the control and shift keys and press the down arrow key and then press the right arrow key. This will select the contiguous cells in the first column then select the rest of the cells to the right. The key to this operation is to begin with the active cell on the boundary corner of the group of cells you wish to select. Using the control and shift keys plus a directional arrow key will select in the direction arrow you clicked.

Enter today’s date: Do you have to enter today’s date to record transactions? If so, learn the shortcut method by pressing the control key + the semi-colon key. This will enter the date that you use this shortcut. On the other hand, if you need a cell to adjust automatically to today’s date enter the function =today().

Make each column width the same: If you need to adjust several columns to match the same width, then select the columns and adjust the size of one of the columns you have selected. The rest of the columns will follow suit. A double click with your mouse between the column lines will autofit all of the columns you have selected.

Analyze PivotTable data: Aren’t sure that you agree with one of the results in your PivotTable. Or maybe you just want to see the details. Double click the cell in your PivotTable and a new spreadsheet will appear with the breakdown of data of that original cell you double clicked.

Quickly view stats: Ever wish you could look at the total and average of a group of cells without entering a formula. You can select the cells you wish to total or average and look at the bottom status bar. It will display the sum, average and count of the cells you have selected. If you want to see the Max and Min then right click on the status bar below and click Max and Min.

Quick chart: Select the group of cells you wish to chart and then press the F11 key. This will give you a column chart on a new worksheet. You can then modify the chart and location if necessary.

Format Painter: This is a huge time saver if you need to copy the format from one range to another. You can start off by clicking on the cell you wish to use as the model format. Then click on the Format Painter (Home tab, clipboard group). Then you select the cells you want to copy the Format Painter too. It will automatically apply the format to those cells you click on. There are two ways to click on the Format Painter. You only need to click the Format Painter once if you need to format paint one time. But if you need to use the Format Painter in various places such as different worksheets then you will want to double click the Format Painter so that it will stay active while you use it in various places. Then when you are done you can either hit the escape button or click on the Format Painter to turn it off.


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  2. Steve you are crackerjack, and thanks again for sharing these useful tips!

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