Create a parameter query in Access 2010

Parameter are flexible queries that allow the end user to enter a search term after running the query.

Step 1: Click the Create tab then click query wizard.

Query Wizard Access

Step 2: Select the fields you would like to use in your query. Tip- you can select fields from multiple tables from the drop down list for Tables/Queries before you move to the next step in the wizard.

Query Wizard Access what fieds

Step 3: In the summary options, choose detail if you want to show every field of every record or click summary for summary options like sum, average, and count functions.

Query Wizard Access

Step 4: Name the query on the last step of the query wizard and click finish.

Query Wizard Access what title

Step 5: Navigate to the design view of the query. On the criteria line below the field you want to search, type inside of square brackets a prompt for the end-user. NOTE- The prompt can’t be the same as your field name.

parameter query

Now that the parameter query is set up, run it and you will get a box that states “Enter Parameter Value” on the title and also displays the prompt typed inside of square brackets.

enter account executive

Enter the search term, click OK, and view the results.

data entered

This parameter value returns the following results.

Access query resultant records from parameter


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3 Responses to Create a parameter query in Access 2010

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  2. Leo Rozenblat says:

    Hi Steve, thanks for your notes, descriptions and answering people’s questions. I have a small one for you. I need to pass more than 1 parameter to an Access query. And it could be 2, 3, 4, 5, etc… I don’t know how many, it depends on a user. Is there a way to build such functionality with Access, so your pop-up would be labeled “Enter Executives” and it takes a comma separated list of values? Or may be there is some other way to accomplish this task?


    • Steve Chase says:

      I don’t know how the commas would work without some VBA code. But I do know that you can solve this with creating multiple parameters. The user will see one box at a time.

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