OneNote keyboard shortcuts

OneNote is one of my favorite office software productivity tools. I like that I can create a digital notebook that follows me where I go. With a Microsoft Skydrive account, I can sync my notebook from my PC to my Ipad. Click here to see why I love Skydrive. It is pretty amazing to be able to connect all my thoughts and ideas across multiple devices. One of my all time favorite keyboard shortcuts is Windows key + S. Once activated my screen turns a faint grey and then I drag my mouse over a portion of the screen to create a screen clipping. OneNote 2010 then displays a window asking me which section I would like to place my screen clipping to. I also can click the copy button and paste it to another software program.

Download my OneNote Keyboard Shortcuts as a PDF.

Download my OneNote Keyboard Shortcuts as a Word Document.

OneNote 2010


About Steve Chase

I'm a proud husband and dad to 4 boys! Microsoft Certified Trainer and Boy Scout Leader are some of things I call myself. The Cincinnati Reds are my favorite team! When not outdoors, I enjoy working with documents in Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, Visio and Photoshop. My wife, Erin, shares her awesome recipes on her blog at
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3 Responses to OneNote keyboard shortcuts

  1. Eli WEinberg says:

    Hi Steve,
    I was in your One NOte class last week and have a few questions about formatting in the program. Specifically how to remove excess space after rearranging items in a tab, and how can you extract a page from a tab and make it a new stand-alone tab. Is there a help desk i can call into?
    Thanks and enjoyed the pictures on your web site, which is also very attractive.
    Eli Weinberg

    • Steve Chase says:

      Hi Eli,
      Let me address the space issue first. The button I shared with you in class, “Insert Space” also doubles as a remove space button. Start with clicking on the Insert or Draw Tab. Then click the Insert Space button. After clicking the button, click somewhere in the middle of the excess space and drag up. You should get a blue double arrow that will shrink the excess space as long as you keep holding down with the left click as you drag.

      The easiset way I know how to make a page turn into a section (it’s own section) is to copy and paste. I would first go to the page you want to work with and use the shortcut Control + A to select all. It will select all text and graphics on that page. Then you would have to click the “create a new section” (tab) button. Then paste (control + v) the content. You will also need to name the section and page.

      As far as help desk, I know that you can check out the official OneNote blog at or post a question on the OneNote facebook page at


      • Eli WEinberg says:

        Thanks Steve, that’s very helpful. I’ve tried both your suggestions and they work fine. Thanks for the prompt response. I enjoyed your class.

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