Broadcast your PowerPoint 2010 Presentation to Remote Viewers Via the Web

If you should ever want to share your PowerPoint slides to anyone who can’t physically be present in your audience, then the Broadcast Presentation feature is for you. You are going to need a few things before you do this. Obvious, you need your finished PowerPoint presentation.  This feature does not work with PowerPoint 2003 or 2007. You also need a SkyDrive account. This is a free service from Microsoft that allows you upload documents to a personal cloud data storage area. Accounts start out with 7GB of space. Check out for details on how to sign up. It should take less than 3 minutes to create an account. Make sure you pick a strong password. You also will need Internet service for yourself and those attending remotely. Finally you will need to provide your own audio. (speaker phone or some type of conference dial in number that your remote audience members can use to listen to you speak). After all, you are going to change the world, right or why would you even bother with reading this blog post in the first place.

Step 1: Click the Slide Show tab then click Broadcast Slide Show. You can also find this command under the File tab–>Save & Send section.

Broadcast Slide Show PowerPoint 2010

Step 2: Enter your Skydrive account information from the Windows Live ID credentials window.

Windows Live ID Broadcast Slide Show PowerPoint 2010

Step 3: Copy and paste the link provided in an email to send to your remote audience members. Provide necessary details on the time they should click the link as well as audio setup instructions.

Broadcast PowerPoint 2010 link

Step 4: This is show time. When you are ready to start the presentation, click Start Slide Show.

Note: If someone is late to the presentation, they will see the current slide of your presentation. Whatever slide the presenter is showing is what the remote audience members see. Quite simply, what you see is what they see. Allow for a second or two delay while transitioning slides depending on network connection speed.

Step 5: After you finish the presentation, the Broadcast Tab will appear. Terminate the link by clicking End Broadcast.

End Broadcast Slide Show PowerPoint 2010

A follow up confirmation is needed. Once you click End Broadcast, then the link will not work for anyone who is really really late. My Dad always said that the early bird get the worm.

Confirm End Broadcast Slide Show PowerPoint 2010

As a recap, there are 4 things you need to make this PowerPoint broadcast feature work.

  1. PowerPoint 2010
  2. SkyDrive account
  3. Internet
  4. Audio setup

Click PowerPoint shortcuts for download.


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