Writing an IF Function in Excel to Determine As, Bs, Cs, Ds, and Fs

This post will teach you how to write an IF Function in Excel to determine student grades. Lets say that we have a class list of names and scores ranging from zero to 100. If you would like to have Excel determine the grade next in the column next to the student’s scores, this is one way.

The IF Function has 3 arguments. First, the logical test. An example would be if you wanted to check whether something was true or false like is C2>=90. The second and third arguments are what you would like to have if it is true and if it is false. When you have multiple criteria such as As, Bs, Cs, Ds, and Fs: then you can nest the IF function within the false argument.

if Function Excel

IF Function

So this formula has a total of 4 IFs. That is because there is 5 possible choices of outcomes. A-B-C-D-F. So on the last IF statement, if comes down to if the grade is greater than or equal to 60. If that is true then result is “D” otherwise it is false and the result is an “F”.

If you want to download this file click IF Function Example for grades.xlsx.


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