Income and Expense Monthly Budget Excel Workbook

Download my Income and Expense Monthly Budget Workbook. I’ve made some changes to my monthly budget. This template now includes tracking income at a monthly level. Also the summary tab has a year to date running totals so you can see the difference in income/expenses for the year.

Click Income and Expense Monthly Budget for the .xlsx format.



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About Steve Chase

I want to help you work in your business, so you can work on your business. I want to help you achieve your goals and help you have a successful small business journey. I understand that keeping up with the latest technology and cloud based computer trends can be difficult, when you’re running your day to day business. But, it is crucial that you keep up with the technology and best understand your options, in order to thrive in this new era of online business. I can help you discover the right software and tools for your business, train your team on how to use them, and mentor you to best serve and delight your customers. My certifications include: QuickBooks ProAdvisor, Microsoft Office Specialist Master, and OntraPort Certified Consultant. Please contact me on my new website at
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128 Responses to Income and Expense Monthly Budget Excel Workbook

  1. Ann Tomlinson says:

    Thanks for helping people better manage their budgets and their lives!

  2. Stella Bonin says:

    Thanks for this excellent calculator!!!!!

  3. Frank Magill says:

    My thanks as well. I am a low-level-of-sophistication Excel user, and since I’m thinking of retiring soon this is invaluable to me. It would have taken me forever to build something like this on my own.

  4. Suzanne says:

    Thank you for sharing – this is perfect for my business!


  5. Alexandros says:

    Thanks a lot!! just perfect!! have a peacefully year 2014!!


  6. mary says:

    This is great – thank you

  7. Greg says:

    Thank You for sharing.

  8. Ahmad says:

    Thank you Steve for this template

  9. Graeme says:

    This template is a benefit to many. Figures can tell you if you are managing your cash properly. Thank you Steve.

  10. jaiby says:

    How to change $ symbol from that excel sheet.i need INR

    • Steve Chase says:

      You will need to go to the format cells box and select your choice of symbols. Right click the cells, select accounting, then look for symbols drop down. There are lots of international symbols. I just did a look and I saw there is a choice for “INR”. Then you could use the format painter to save time to get the other cells formatted in “INR”.

  11. Do you have any advice for using this in Google spreadsheets? The formulas don’t come through and I have an error in those cells throughout the spreadsheet. Thanks!

    • Steve Chase says:

      Google spreadsheets don’t always behave like Excel. I’m sorry I don’t have any tips on the conversion except it might take some tweeking.

      However, one option you could do is use the free online version of Excel. You would need to first create an account at This will let you create and edit Excel spreadsheets in the cloud. You start off with 7GB of storage. This was formally called SkyDrive by Microsoft.

  12. Ruth Hamilton says:

    Thanks for the monthly budget spreadsheet, it’s just what I needed.

  13. Thanks for the idea to use I didn’t realize it was free.

  14. Jim Nardi says:

    Steve, this sheet is awesome! Exactly what I needed to track our expenses. Thank you!

  15. Albert says:

    Just what I needed. Thanks.

  16. Ahmed says:

    Hi, I tried editing the categories from the year summery. but they didn’t change in the months.

    • Steve Chase says:

      In this template you would have to edit each month’s worksheet as well. So it would take 13 edits per category change. Normally you could make all the changes at once if it was not in the table format.

  17. Panos says:

    Thank you Steve!This is exactly what I needed.
    One question if I may. Is there a way to change the currency symbol for the entire worksheet?
    Thanks again!

    • Steve Chase says:

      Yes, you can make multiple changes at one time with the format cells box. Just select with your mouse all the cells, then right click and click format cells.

      What symbol did you want?

      • Panos says:

        Hi, I wanted the euro symbol.
        In the format cells box I can see its custom in $0.00 format.
        I guess I could change everything with one of the two similar 0.00€ that I see, but which one?
        Is there any significant difference??
        1. (_-* #,##0.00€_-;-* #,##0.00€_-;_-* “-“??€_-;_-@_-)
        2. (_-* #,##0.00_€_-;-* #,##0.00_€_-;_-* “-“??_€_-;_-@_-)

      • Steve Chase says:

        An easier way is to apply the Euro format is to click the $ drop down arrow and choose the Euro.

        The place to look is the Home tab
        Number group (in the middle of the home tab)
        click the arrow just to the right of the $ sign.


  18. Panos says:

    Also, could I add more categories?
    I realize that I would have to change both in the Summary sheet an in each one of the month sheets. But how would I exactly do it?
    Please excuse my poor knowledge.

    • Steve Chase says:

      You can manually change the summary tab with a different category. But then you would need to manually type the same category in the same replacement on the 12 months. One at a time.

      • Panos says:

        Thank you some much Steve for both your file and help.
        I changed the categories to my own but if I wanted to add more?

      • Steve Chase says:

        Add new ones is possible, but it will take some work.
        On each tab Jan –>Dec you would start out on cell X8 and type the new category. Then onto Y8 and Z8, etc with the new categories. The formula =SUM() should then be put up just above in row 7. If you click on cell W7, there is a black little square which can be left clicked and dragged to the right side to copy the formula in the next columns.

        After you add the monthly columns, then you would go to the Year Summary tab and insert columns that you need starting in row 25. I had already copied the monthly totals and transposed them 12 times. This is a little tricky to explain in words. Copy and transpose take the data and goes from rows to coumns or vice versa.

  19. Thanks amillion sir you are a blessing

  20. Liz says:

    Thanks for this however IT IS LOCKED, so cannot be used!

    • Steve Chase says:


      The file will appear in protected view, until you click Enable Editing. Once that happens you should be able to edit the workbooks as you desire. If you are having trouble, let me know and I could email you a copy of it.


      • Liz says:

        Hi Steve, thanks. I think it might be ios devices that have this issue of not being able to edit – I’m using DocsToGo on iPhone and the Enable Editing function is not available and the document remains read only, regardless of settings. If you’re happy to post it – let me know your email address to message you on and I will reply, so you have my email address. I’m not a member on WordPress yet.

      • Steve Chase says:

        My email is
        A solution to working on a Mac would be to create a free OneDrive account. This is Microsoft’s consumer cloud storage where you can edit Excel workbooks in a browser. It is free but you get a bare-bones Excel Ribbon environment.

      • Liz says:

        Hey Steve, thanks for suggestions. Unfortunately, I’m not on Mac and am currently without a PC – I’m waiting to get hold of a windows tablet/PC, at which point I shouldn’t have any more issues with these docs on Office 365. I will however, try to edit on my iPad without opening any new accounts or adding any features – I’m very short of time at the moment! – and I will see how I get on.

      • Steve Chase says:

        Office 365 is a smart choice. You can view documents on the IPad for free. But in order to create and edit documents on the IPad it will require an active Office 365 account.

        Best wishes with your business. I just sent the template to your email.


  21. Liz says:

    ps I’ve sent you an email..

  22. San says:

    Nice Work, Steve. I am using this for my budgeting, with a few changes to suit my needs. Thanks!

      • Balbir Singh says:

        Hi Steve: Thank you for creating valuable template. How I can add DATE column so I can enter the date expenses occurred? Can I delete any unwanted column with interfering the embedded formulas? Your guidance will be highly appreciated.

      • Steve Chase says:

        Adding a date column would interfere with the layout. One suggestion is to the track expenses by dates through the checking register worksheet and where you add a category column. Then there are some advanced formulas like SUMIF and DSUM that could add up how much you spent per month on each category.

        Also deleting any unwanted column would mess up the embedded formulas. Instead of deleting you could write a new category over the undesired one. You would need to keep the same order in all the worksheets however. So the first, second, third , etc categories in row 8 of the monthly worksheets would cross – reference the first, second, third, etc going down in the year summary worksheet in column A.

        Also, check out what other templates are out there from Microsoft at this link. Maybe there might be one that works for you.

  23. Balbir Singh says:

    Thank you for prompt reply. Instead of adding column – Can I add rows without interfering with layout and formulas?. In all months I can have 31 rows. While entering expenses in order from row one to row thirty or thirty-first will give me sense of dates expenses occurred.

    • Steve Chase says:

      As long as the dates are not in the table. To prevent to the table from growing, you could skip a blank row. That should work to add the dates below. Give it a try, you can always download the template again if necessary.

  24. saif says:

    Steve, Thanks for the great sheet but I have a questions. In the year summary sheet I want to change names of some the categories like the child care to my personal credit card. Any formula that if I change in the name from Child Care to Credit Card it will change in the monthly sheet sections? Thanks

    • Steve Chase says:

      I don’t have a solution unless you de-table each spreadsheet. Without tables, you could actually select all monthly worksheets i.e. Jan-Dec. Then after you have grouped multiple worksheets you update the value to the new label and it would edit all 12 worksheets at the same time. This is a nice feature, but the only way you can edit multiple worksheets at the same time is without using Excel Tables. So what I would do is manually change the new labels one at a time.

  25. MAGESH says:

    Thank u for u r effort

  26. kaaba matafwali says:

    thank you for the work Steve

  27. Ravi kumar says:

    Awesome template… really useful in real time…

  28. Nidin.CV says:

    Thanks a lot Steve Chase 🙂
    Can you please explain me about the last Page (Checking).

    • Steve Chase says:

      The checking worksheet is optional. It allows you to list each transaction. The formula will subtract expenses and add deposits. You would start out with putting down your actual balance over top of the sample template. Then record every transaction you complete. It does take time to do, but the benefit is seeing your balance. The worksheet is in a table view so as you enter new transactions, the table rows will automatically update with the formula.

  29. antonjazzsax says:

    Is there a way to insert additional income columns without screwing up corresponding expenses columns at the year summary level? thank you

    • Steve Chase says:

      Well, it would have to be done manually per worksheet tab. The summary tab would need a row to be inserted below and the formulas could be copied down. Another option, would be to replace the columns with your fields that you want to track instead of the templates.


  30. LindaW says:

    Whoa! Just stumbled on this workbook. Thank you for sharing. this will help me a great deal.

  31. jawad says:

    good work for preparing sheet
    Director Finance
    Leather Field industries

  32. Frank Perricone says:

    Hi Steve, As a brand new Excel user, your monthly budget template really came in handy. I could never have made that myself. I have one question…Is there any way to add more lines for income? I tried but it moves other stuff around when I did it.

    Thank you

    • Steve Chase says:

      The best way to add more lines to the income would be to select all 12 month worksheets at the same time. Click the Jan worksheet, then press the SHIFT key and click the Dec worksheet. Now update one worksheet and it will update all of them at once. I would modify the formula to include more cells just to the right of the income box. Then update the Sum function in match the newly added cells. Lastly, you can use the format painter ( search format painter in my blog posts) to copy the formats to match the design.

      After making the bulk updates, right click a worksheet and select ungroup sheets.

  33. mahamed abdikarim says:

    show some examples of excel in journal accounting

  34. Kim says:

    This is a great spreadsheet. I’m fairly well versed in Excel and have struggled for months to make something similar for myself. I have a number of accounts at different banks that I want to monitor from one place. Your spreadsheet has provided an excellent foundation and I think with some tweaking to personalise it, I should be able to achieve my goal.
    Also reading through all the help you’ve provided has been excellent and I’ve learnt a lot of helpful tricks.
    Thank you for sharing 🙂

  35. Elie says:

    Thanks Man.. I appreciate it 🙂

  36. Maria says:

    Thanks for the time you have taken to build this template. I spent hours looking for an excel spreadsheet that met my small business profile.

  37. George says:

    This is great, thank you! Do you know if this would be compatible with a mac? I am using a windows 7 laptop but my wife has a macbook and I’d love to be able to share this.

  38. Emad says:

    hi Steve
    is it possible to change Currency other than $

    • Steve Chase says:

      Emad, Yes Excel can use your local currency. You can select multiple worksheets by clicking on Jan then shift click Dec. Select the cells, then from the Home tab select the drop down arrow next to the $ sign. Select your currency symbol. If you do not see yours, then click more accounting formats.

  39. Savvy analysis . I was fascinated by the info . Does someone know where my business can obtain a blank CA DE-111 document to type on ?

  40. MUHAMMAD ZAIM says:

    Thank you Steve,very much appreciate.

  41. Julie says:


    This is great, thank you so much. A friend wanted an income and expense spreadsheet for her small business and I have used yours as the basis for it. I learned a *lot* as I looked at what you had done and the commands you used so I could customise it for her. She needs to have the supplier name and her payment reference/date for each payment to pass to her accountant to confirm tax rates and she needs more lines (& categories) for income so I has to add new columns and am going to add monthly worksheets for income,

    I have added dynamic categories and a dynamic accounting period too so she can pick any date to start and I have changed the fixed months to Month01, Month02 etc. I hadn’t seen the $ (now £ for Scotland) symbol on the left of a cell away from the numbers. That was handy to learn as it makes it easier to read. My main problem was figuring out how to stop my new date field from being added into the total as a monetary value LOL but I figured it out when I realised how your =SUM(Jan[#All]) works,

    I have pretty much finished customising the expenditure sheets and will then use those as the basis for monthly income work sheets. Still a bit to do, but I just wanted to show appreciation as I’m sure it will be perfect for her.

    Thank you loads for the lessons!!


  42. Julie says:


    I have hit a formatting problem when customising this handy spreadsheet – and it seems to be an Excel bug as it happens in your original too. I wanted to protect the month name, amount and table headers so I locked them and protected the worksheet BUT when you protect a worksheet it stops the automatic banding/formatting/validation etc on new table lines.

    I did some analysis to see if I could find what was causing it, but:

    – it even stops formatting new lines if you protect the sheet with all of the cells formatted to ‘unlocked’
    – it even happens if you tick the checkboxes to allow formatting/inserting rows as you protect the sheet

    I have actually crashed Excel a few times as I was testing this, so there definitely seems to be a bug 😦

    Have you seen this before? Are you aware of any fix?

    Thanks for any info.



  43. saina says:


    I need to change the currency from $ to AED ( UAE Dhirham). Could you please help me out with this.

  44. Mohammed Ismail says:


    I need to change the currency from $ to AED ( UAE Dhirham). Could you please help me out with this.

    • Steve Chase says:

      You can select the cells then right click -> format cells. From the Format Cells dialog box, click currency then choose the drop down and pick one of the world’s currency of your choice. Note: I think you can only do this with the desktop version of Excel. I have not tried the Excel web app to see if it works there also.

      • Mohammed Ismail says:

        Thanks for your reply
        actually I am trying to change it in the above Income and Expense Monthly Budget Excel Workbook, But when changed to other currency, in some columns the sum which is above each column wont appear, instead appears as ‘######’. Also the input text may appear as ##### in some columns. hope you you would find a solution.


      • Steve Chase says:

        Is the ##### symbol showing because the column width is not wide enough? Usually that is solved by double clicking on the column widths or dragging the columns wider.

  45. Jane says:

    Hi Steve
    I have been working on modifiying you Monthly Budget Excel Workbook which has a great deal of advantages for a client whose business is just not ready for a full accounting system. However, I am wanting to change some of your named ranges, and add more, but it seems they are protected and I can;t seem to find the answer to this. My main reason is account for the GST that we have in New Zealand. I can get add rows to calculate the GST and then bring totals thru for the month, but I need to add Balance Sheet items for payments to our Inland Revenue, also purchase of Assets.
    How can I change the range of a named area and add another range for Balance Sheet items?
    Would appreciate your assistance

  46. Steve Chase says:

    The workbook has range names for each month. They are tables so if you want to add to the table at the end if will auto add it as an extension to the columns. It will auto update to include new rows added in the monthly tables. If you need to add new items like payments you could either replace a column expense in all the monthly worksheets plus the corresponding summary row in the summary sheet. You can modify the range locations by clicking in the formulas tab–> name manager–>edit. You can manually create new range names by either selecting a group of cells and then clicking in the name box to enter it.

  47. Pingback: Highlight Rows of Data in Excel with Conditional Formatting Formulas | Steve Chase Docs

  48. Carol says:

    Thank you Mr. Chase I finally found a worksheet that will fit my daily and monthly needs.

  49. ANUP KUMAR VJ says:

    Hello Mr. Chase
    You designed wonderful Excel calculator, but I want to add Days column like from 1 to 30 and for the whole excel sheet want to change currency from dollar to rupee. Is it possible? please let me know.

  50. Kanuka says:

    Hi Steve,

    Wow, you are amazing. Not only have you provided an AWESOME template free of charge, but also offer help and advice over several years. You should be inducted into the Customer Care Hall Of Fame.

    I wish most businesses had people like you. I’m not sure how you make money off this, but wish you did.

    Thank you!

  51. Krishmax says:

    Hi nice work bro, just i want clarify how will expense column works. Please give reply

    • Steve Chase says:

      Hi Krishmax, The Expense columns should be inputted only in the Jan-Dec months. You type each number under the headings. For example if you went to 7 restaurants you would type each restaurant outing each time. There is a formula that sums it all up for the grand totals for the summary tab.

      • Krishmax says:

        hi thanks for reply, i worked in this sheet. This worksheet is for only expense is it or income. But there is only expense calculation column in every sheets, for income column we want to enter manually right.

      • Steve Chase says:

        Correct, the income you make gets recorded at the top and the expenses are down in the columns fields.

      • Krishmax says:

        Thanks for reply, i have doubt in excel can you clarify. In excel, if i correct a text in one sheet, that text will be change for entire number of sheet in document. Is this possible?.
        I have tried “=T(value)” formula, through this i can only edit two sheets.

      • Steve Chase says:

        Normally you can multi select worksheets and make updates at one time and it updates everywhere. However, this template has tables and with tables it is impossible to make simultaneously updates. It will give you an error if you try to select two or more “tables” to edit. So if you want to change an expense field you will have to type it in each month 1 at a time.

    • Krishmax says:

      hi sir i have doubt in excel, is there is possible to change a value enter in one excel vice versa in another excel sheets. i’m currently using reference formula like “=source sheet”. i’m doing daily&monthly income expense excel sheet, entering daily income in one sheet for every day, i need auto update in monthly sheet by daily basics. please clear my doubt .

      • Steve Chase says:

        Yes you can use a formula to reference any cell from any worksheet. =SUM(A2:A20) will add the range in the current worksheet whereas =SUM(April!A2:A20) would add the range of cells from the April worksheet.

  52. Vivekananda says:

    Hi Steve,

    This is simply great.

  53. Dinesh says:

    Thanks so much…Awesome…

  54. Lazarus Rawen says:

    Steve, kindly update me with a format of income and expenditure of a non profit making organization for example church

  55. Anne says:

    Steve, I really like the format of the income -and-expense-monthly-worksheet. But I am having trouble changing the categories. Any suggestions?

    • Steve Chase says:

      Hi Ann, Normally you would be able to control click multiple spreadsheets and replace category at one time. But since this workbook uses tables in Jan-Dec multiple editing is not allowed. So either you find and replace (control +H). Click on options and change from worksheet to workbook. Then either click find all/ replace all or find next, replace one at a time.

  56. Simon says:

    Hi Steve,
    Am Simon, i really need your help here Sir. i need an excel or any recommendable software just for keeping monthly expense at least for 12 months with headings or options like S/N, DATE, DESCRIPTION, EXPENSE BY and AMOUNT.
    Thank you very much

  57. Violetta says:

    I have been using your spreadsheet for past two years and I love it. However, I really need more categories. Do you have a spreadsheet that is little bigger? Thanks a lot

    • Steve Chase says:

      Hey Violetta, I’m glad you have making use of the template. I don’t have another one with additional categories. One solution would be to replace any categories that I did that are unused by you.

  58. himanshu1963 says:

    Thank you. I am going to use it and have downloaded the template and I am sure that it will be of a lot of use. Regards and best – you are a kind, generous and talented human being. Obliged.

  59. Gabi says:

    Hi Steve, I just found your income and expense sheet and started using it (I am far from beeing a excell expert), but the data I have put in does not sum up for me, what do I have to do ?
    I appreciate your response


    • Steve Chase says:

      Hi Gabby, I’m not sure what has happened. The formulas should work. I would recommend downloading the spreadsheet again and either starting over or looking at the formulas to see if they were accidentally changed on your first copy.

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