Open and edit a PDF in Word 2013

Open a PDF in Word and make changes! Simply awesome. All you have to do is File–>Open and browse to find your PDF doc. Word 2013 attempts to place the text and graphics in place but there may be some formatting layout adoptions that don’t work out so well. But anyway, it is worth the time it takes to make a try. Once opened be sure to double check each page for layout changes.  After edits save the file as a .docx or .pdf or both.

Below is a screen shot of 3 of my recent PDFs that I have had opened in Word.

Open and Edit a PDF in Word 2013

If you are excited about this new feature please hit the FaceBook share button or leave a comment. I think this is going to help a lot of people out in businesses across the world. Not kidding 🙂



About Steve Chase

I'm a proud husband and dad to 4 boys! Microsoft Certified Trainer and Boy Scout Leader are some of things I call myself. The Cincinnati Reds are my favorite team! When not outdoors, I enjoy working with documents in Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, Visio and Photoshop. My wife, Erin, shares her awesome recipes on her blog at
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4 Responses to Open and edit a PDF in Word 2013

  1. Cool new feature! Looking forward to trying.

    Steve, is there any news yet on when the next Mac version will show up?

    • Steve Chase says:

      I heard that it is scheduled for a year later than the PC release. So check around Jan-Feb in 2014. By the way, I your PDF 10 Great Business Books was the first PDF I opened in Word 2013.
      We have plans on purchasing a MAC for my wife’s business. It will be our first MAC purchase and I am going to get her on Office 365 so I will keep you posted on the PDF opening on MAC office.

      • Wow, I feel really honored! And, thanks for the update on the timeline as well. Very cool stuff.

        I think the 365 program is going to work great for us since we have multiple computers, both PC and Mac (or rather, one Mac with a PC installation). We’d go entirely Mac, but we need Windows on our studio computer in order to use some Windows only programs like Articulate Storyline, for elearning production. So, 365 will work really well for us, rather than having to buy many copies of software.

        PDFpenPro 6 just came out for the Mac and will do PDF to Word conversations. Used it officially for the first time today with a production document and it was amazing! Would never know it wasn’t a native Word file.

  2. Ray says:

    Hi, You can visit this link where you can fill out PDF form, save it, fax it, and email it.

    Please feel free to use it.

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