Understanding the SUMIF and SUMIFS formulas in Excel

The SUMIF formula in Excel adds cells within a range from a given condition or criteria. The SUMIFS formula works in the same way yet can support multiple conditions and criteria. Given my data set of baseball games between the Reds and Astros in 2010, I would like to answer how many were in attendance at Great American Ball Park. I’ll  use a SUMIF to do so. I will use a SUMIFS formula to answer how many were in attendance at Minute Maid Park on Fridays.

Excel Data Set

The SUMIF has 3 arguments. The first one is Range. In this example I will use the cells containing the stadium field. The Criteria is “Great American Ball Park” and the Sum_Range is the attendance field.


See the color blue shaded cells below for a visual representation of what rows the formula is working with.

sumif colorsThe formula’s value is 166,238. Pretty awesome right!

Now on to the SUMIFS. Use this one when you have a set of multiple conditions or criteria.

The SUMIFS formula’s first argument is the Sum_Range. This will be the range where the actual cells are being added. Then you can add a team of Criteria_range1 with Criteria1 that follows Criteria_range2 with Criteria2. See below for my example of using “Fri” and “Minute Maid Park”.

sumifs excel

Below is a color shading of the actual cells that Excel is adding up.

Sumifs colors


Want to practice with my training file? Download Sumif and Sumifs.xlsx.


About Steve Chase

I'm a proud husband and dad to 4 boys! Microsoft Certified Trainer and Boy Scout Leader are some of things I call myself. The Cincinnati Reds are my favorite team! When not outdoors, I enjoy working with documents in Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, Visio and Photoshop. My wife, Erin, shares her awesome recipes on her blog at 5dollardinners.com.
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2 Responses to Understanding the SUMIF and SUMIFS formulas in Excel

  1. Doug says:

    I love the SUMIF function but until I understood it, it took a long time 🙂 It’s a pity that I didn’t came across to your website earlier, namely it’s brief and concise. I have learned to use the SUMIF function by the following workshop what I recommend for all excel beginner http://www.excel-aid.com/the-excel-sumif-function.html

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