Stay on top of your Excel formulas by using Range Names

Range names in Excel can help you stay on top of things with your formulas. Lets say you kept track of your monthly expenses in cells D3 through D14. In the following example I’ll show you how to create and use a range name called expenses.

excel example

First I need to select the cells I want to give a range name to (B3:B14). Then I click in the name box and type “Expenses” and hit enter.

Name box

Now I’m ready to go to a cell where I want to enter my formula and type =sum(Expenses)

typing formula

And the final value result after I press enter for the formula.

formula range name excel

Range names can not have any spaces nor special symbols like !,@,#,$,%,*. Also the first character can not be a number. It must start with a letter.

Edit range name by clicking “Name Manager” on the formulas ribbon tab.


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