How I Started my WordPress blog

I started my blog two years ago. The purpose of this document is to share with you how I started mine and give you a set up guide so you can begin writing your first blog posts.

Get Started WordPress

It is very easy to get started. Just click the “Get Started” button from The four requirements are as follows:

  • Email address
  • Username
  • Password
  • Blog address

wordpress requirements

After entering your blog address, wordpress will accept/reject it based on availability. Registering a free account requires that you have “” to the end of your blog address. The current rate to ditch the “” to just a .com site is $18 a year. There are also different account subscriptions. I’m using beginner which is free. Premium and business accounts are the other account types that offer more services than the free account.

Ok, so once I created my blog account I log in from any computer with my username and password going to

wordpress password

The first thing to do after I creating a blog account is to pick a theme. This process is very easy. Lots of choices, some are free and some are not. It just depends what you are looking for. I went with the free “Twenty Ten” theme. After picking the theme I was ready to start managing the dashboard. The dashboard is the place to write blog posts and manage settings. Here is a look at my dashboard.

wordpess dashboard

To get started with a new post, I hover my mouse over Posts on the left side bar and click “Add New”. It is a simple editor. Below is a screenshot of a blank new post.

wordpress add new post

I write the title and body text in the new post window. I insert pictures by clicking “Add Media” and then browse to find ones I want to include in the post. There is a “Preview” button to examine the post in a browser. I add tags which are keywords to help improve the search engine results. One thing I didn’t realize going into this would be the international readers the blog attracts.

wordpress tags

I have the option to “Save Draft” and when everything is ready I click “Publish”.

Depending on the theme you click you will need to manage “Pages”. Pages are the category headings on the main header section. For example I have a “home” and “about me” page. In order to have more than 2 pages you need to purchase an upgrade. Generally you will have a blog roll page “home” and a contact page “about me”.

So you can manage your pages by clicking pages on the left side bar from within the dashboard.

wordpress pages

Another consideration to customize the look and feel to the blog is to go to the widgets section. Find widgets under the appearance menu.

wordpress widgets

The widgets I have include:

  • Search
  • Top Posts
  • Categories
  • Follow Blog – email subscriptions

Hey, thanks for reading this post. No one can stop you from hitting that “Publish” button!

Download this  resource document and my “How I started my Video Tutorials on YouTube .pdf” from my  SkyDrive folder.

UPDATED June 29 2016: Below is a  PowerPoint with new screenshots of new WordPress editor and a video tutorial.




About Steve Chase

I want to help you work in your business, so you can work on your business. I want to help you achieve your goals and help you have a successful small business journey. I understand that keeping up with the latest technology and cloud based computer trends can be difficult, when you’re running your day to day business. But, it is crucial that you keep up with the technology and best understand your options, in order to thrive in this new era of online business. I can help you discover the right software and tools for your business, train your team on how to use them, and mentor you to best serve and delight your customers. My certifications include: QuickBooks ProAdvisor, Microsoft Office Specialist Master, and OntraPort Certified Consultant. Please contact me on my new website at
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