Create Labels in Word Using a Mail Merge

This post I’ll share how to make labels in Word using a mail merge. First you click on the Mailings tab (Word 2007, 2010, and 2013) and click Start Mail Merge. Then click Labels.

In the Label Options box, choose the vendor and product name. In this example, I have selected Avery US letter 5160. This is popular template with 30 labels per page.


start mail merge labels


label options

The next step is to connect to a data source like Excel. As long as you have a header row with fields like first, last, address, city, state, and zip you will be good to go.

Click Select Recipients and then Use and Existing List. This will open up a box to browse for your address file.

use exisiting list word

You will then need to add the address block to the top left cell. Click the address block command from the mailings tab. If the fields do not match up you can click match fields.

address block goes in top cell

match fields

You can click Update Labels. This is an important step that makes all the labels show up instead of just the first one.

update labels word

After you click preview results and you like the format you are ready to finish the mail merge.

Preview Results

Click Finish and Merge then either print or edit individual documents. Print will print all pages and edit individual documents will create a new file with all the pages filled with addresses.






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  1. Thanks so much for your wealth of knowledge in providing others with tools to make us more effective with these short cuts and daily tasks.

  2. annadainin says:

    nice share
    thanks for information

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