Outlook Top 5 Tips and Tricks

Outlook is an awesome tool to stay productive. Here is a quick list of 5 tips you can start using to work faster.

  1. Drag a file into the email body while composing to automatically create an attachment. This works great if you have a document on the desktop that you want to quickly attach.
  2. Drag an email to the Calendar to quickly save an appointment. In Outlook 2007 and 2010, drag the email to the To-Do Bar. In Outlook 2013, drag the email to the Calendar icon from the navigation pane. Then save after editing the date/time. All of the notes that were in the email body will now be apart of the appointment details.
  3. Switch your Outlook signature with a right click. Outlook allows for multiple signatures. Access the signatures from the File tab–>Options–>Mail–>Signatures.
  4. Right click someone’s email and then choose “add to contacts”.
  5. Create re-usable text with Quick Parts. Select your text, then click on the Insert tab and choose Quick Parts–>Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery. When you want to reuse the text, simply click on Quick Parts and then choose your item you want. This is fast way to repurpose content.

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9 Responses to Outlook Top 5 Tips and Tricks

  1. Madeline Case says:

    Just downloaded your article to my Google Drive for my personal knowledge and understanding.

  2. Diania Gaskill says:

    I love your tips, thank you so much for your emails and information! They come in very handy for me.


    Diania Dee Gaskill
    Administrative Assistant
    Mannia & Company, LLC
    7209 Engle Road
    Fort Wayne, IN 46804
    Phone (260) 432-1504 x125
    Fax (260) 436-4224

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  3. Caroline Fuller says:

    Thank you for the tips but tip #5 is a puzzle for me. I click on the text but the only time there is an insert tab is when I am writing a new email. How would I access it from a received email?

    • Steve Chase says:

      You would need to first click the reply button. After you are in either “reply” or “forward” edit mode, you will have the Insert tab.

      Also the QuickParts will be greyed out unless the insertion point cursor is blinking in the body of the email.


  4. gauriintouch says:

    Hi Steve,

    I came across your blog article on Outlook, and I have a slightly unrelated question. I am a cofounder at InTouchApp (intouchapp.com), and we are developing an app to manage one’s contacts across all mobile devices and email. Next week, we will be releasing a Windows Desktop App to sync contacts between Outlook and any phone.

    We would like to reach out to bloggers (such as yourself) who write about Windows and Outlook, and see if we can connect with more people about our upcoming product release. Would you be able to help us with it? In particular, are there communities or groups of such bloggers that we can get in touch with and spread the word? I would greatly appreciate it if you would let me know.

    You can also reach me at gauri@mycontactid.net.

    Thank you,
    Gauri Shah

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