How to use Countif and Countifs Functions in Excel for Baseball

This blog post I will share how to use the Countif and Countifs formulas.

Let me use some baseball stats of my favorite team, the Reds.

raw data

The easiest thing to do with the raw data is to create range names off the selection. After I select the data including the header row, I click the formulas tab–>create from selection. This steps creates range names in columns.

Create from selection Excel

If you are not sure about using range names in Excel, check out my blog post tutorial on why you want to use range names if you are not doing so.

Now we are ready for the countif function. I will use the countif function to count how many times the Reds won for the entire winner column. The countif looks at a column of data and adds a count for each condition you specify.

countif excel

The countif function looks at the Winner range and counts each time “Reds” appears within the range. Since “Reds” is text and not a number data type, I need to have quotes around the text string.

The countifs function is just like the countif function except that it can use multiple criterion. In this example I want to count how many times the Reds won while playing at home in Great American Ballpark.


My final result.

Excel final formulas

And yes, there is always “next year.”


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2 Responses to How to use Countif and Countifs Functions in Excel for Baseball

  1. madeline62 says:

    Is this for Excel 2013 and can the above instructions be used for Excel 2010 as well?


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