This post will explain all the different count functions in Excel. See graphic below that has a brief description of what each formula does.

count functions in excel

For this demo I will use the following data from the screen shot below.

example excel

COUNT(A2:C5) would look at the range in blue and return the value 7 since it counts cells that contain numbers. COUNTA(A2:C5) would return 11 because it counts anything with text or numbers. COUNTBLANK(A2:C5) would return 1 because there is a blank cell in the range.

count shot

If I wanted to count how many times the word “excellent” is listed I would use the COUNTIF function. This has 2 arguments. The first is the range and the second is the criteria. We would get the value 2 answer.


The last example in this post will look at multiple conditions for the criteria using the COUNTIFS. You use COUNTIFS when you have 2 or more conditions. My example will share counting how many rows of data do we have that have an “excellent” status and the units is greater than or equal to 90. You put “>=90” inside of quotes.There will be 4 arguments. Make sure that each range is the same amount of cells.  The answer value returned is 1.


final shot

countifs and countifs


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