When Two Excel Spreadsheets Look the Same But Are Different…It’s Time For The Access Unmatched Query.

Have you ever had two similar looking spreadsheets in Excel and wanted to find out which rows contain differences? If your lists are small, you could try to view the two spreadsheets either side by side horizontally or vertically. Click Excel’s View tab then click New Window. Then click Arrange All with vertical.

new window and arrange all

With vertical this is what you get.

looks the sameHowever, when your lists contain too many rows to compare in Excel, then you can export the data to Access. Either run the Excel import Wizard from Access or copy and paste between the programs.

find unmatched query wizard

Select the “Find Unmatched Query Wizard” from the Query Wizard button from the Insert Tab in Access.

Step 1

which table or query contains the records you wnat in the query results

Step 2

which table or query contains the related records

Step 3

which piece of information

Step 4

which fields do you want to see

Step 5

name the query

Click Finish and view the dataset. You may need to run the unmatched query wizard again a with changing the table comparison direction if the first query did not produce the results you thought.

record set value


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3 Responses to When Two Excel Spreadsheets Look the Same But Are Different…It’s Time For The Access Unmatched Query.

  1. Sjoerd says:

    Hi Steve,
    just read your paper, and found it very interesting indeed.
    Maybe I misinterpretate things, but my first thought was when I read the question on comparison : Spreadsheet compare 2013!
    Maybe yoy should write about that too.

    Thanks for your work

    Sjoerd Jellema, The Netherlands.

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