Find and Replace Fonts In Word

When you want to replace fonts in a document, Word has a couple of tools to get the job done. One way is to modify the style. There are many styles in Word, but the two popular styles types include character and paragraph. A paragraph style is a set of instructions telling Word how to format a paragraph. Check my blog post on Styles here. The default style in Word is normal and current version of Word is Calibri, 11 point font. You can see a list of the document Styles by clicking the Style dialog box launcher from the Home tab. Styles help create table of contents.


Once you click recognize the style you want to modify, right click the style and select modify. Make the font changes, click ok and everywhere in the document that used that style will be automatically updated.

Another option is to run Word’s find and replace feature. Control + H or click the replace command from the Home tab.

find and replace

Click the more button, which will make the box bigger and have options to find and replace fonts.

Click in the find what box, then select format, then font. Choose the font you want to find. Repeat the steps with the replace with font line.

ind and replace font format

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  1. Rita B. says:

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us Steve. You have great tips that help me at work!

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