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Create an Access Report with Subtotals and Percentage Formulas

In this post I will explain how to create an Access report that has subtotals and percentage formulas. The first step is to ask the question for which the report will answer. Lets look at the screenshot below and ask … Continue reading

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Automatically Update the Date and Time Stamp for Access Modified Records

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When Two Excel Spreadsheets Look the Same But Are Different…It’s Time For The Access Unmatched Query.

Have you ever had two similar looking spreadsheets in Excel and wanted to find out which rows contain differences? If your lists are small, you could try to view the two spreadsheets either side by side horizontally or vertically. Click … Continue reading

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Comparison Operators Cheat Sheet

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Access Input Mask Cheat Sheet

Use an Input Mask to control data entry in an Access database. For example, you can force users to enters  a phone number with an area code or an employee identification code with 2 letters followed by 3 numbers. Below is a cheat … Continue reading

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Free Self-Paced Training Courses for Access 2013 By Microsoft

Access this link for beginner and intermediate self-paced courses for Access 2013 produced by Microsoft.  

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3 Parts to a Query Formula in Access

There are three parts to a query formula. The field name, colon, and the formula. From the query design view, click in the next available blank field. Then type what you would like to name the field. Follow with a … Continue reading

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Make the Parameter Values Show Up in an Access Report

In this post I’ll share with you one of my favorite tricks to customizing an Access report with parameter values in the header. Lets say that you build a report off a query that prompts the user to enter a … Continue reading

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Automatically run an Access Macro when the Database opens using AutoExec

Macros can be setup in Access to help streamline your tasks. Typically after saving a macro you would link it to a button or attach it to a form. This post will teach you how to execute automatically a macro … Continue reading

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How to get a larger number value from an AutoNumber data type in Microsoft Access

Ok, Access users who want to use the AutoNumber data type but don’t want to get stuck starting with 1, 2, 3 for the first three records. You can work around this issue with an Update querry. 1. Create your … Continue reading

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