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Windows 8.1 Tablet Training PowerPoint Presentation

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How I Started my WordPress blog

I started my blog two years ago. The purpose of this document is to share with you how I started mine and give you a set up guide so you can begin writing your first blog posts. It is … Continue reading

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How I Started my Video Tutorials on YouTube

I recently started a YouTube channel to upload videos for Microsoft Office software training. This post will walk through my steps I use. I go through a 3 step process workflow to publish a YouTube video. Record Edit Upload Record I … Continue reading

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My top 5 uses of OneNote

1. Screen Clipping Anytime I need a screen clipping I use the Windows key + S shortcut key to capture a portion of the screen. This is fast and easy way to clip and store or copy and paste to another program. … Continue reading

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How to create an Excel survey with SkyDrive

Using your SkyDrive account, you can create a free survey that anyone can fill out online. After people fill out your form and click the submit button the data automatically populates to your Excel spreadsheet. Data lovers-this sounds cool doesn’t … Continue reading

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Posting my personal and business goals to OneNote Web App on SkyDrive

Teaming up OneNote and SkyDrive is an awesome way to communicate my goals to myself. As Zig Ziglar said, how can you hit a target you don’t have. I created a list at the beginning of the year on my OneNote SkyDrive account. I can … Continue reading

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Working with Windows Phone Photos from the SkyDrive Camera roll

I like to take pictures. I double like that my Windows phone automatically uploads them to my SkyDrive account. Fetching my photos on my SkyDrive account is easy. Then click the SkyDrive Camera Roll tile. Thumbnails of all the photos taken from the … Continue reading

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Create a Word Document in SkyDrive and allow others to edit it online

Upon logging into your SkyDrive account you will see all of your files in the tiles view by default. Click the Create button on the top of the documents pannel. The choices you get from click the Create button are … Continue reading

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Bypass the desktop and save to SkyDrive directly from Word 2010

A lot of us save Microsoft Word docs to the desktop. Why? I guess because we are creatures of habit. Well, saving a document that you would like to read in the future on any device has gotten a whole … Continue reading

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My Microsoft Office Training Files are on SkyDrive

Here are some of my SkyDrive links to download my Microsoft Office training files. The folder is set for public, which means you can access the files from any machine with Internet. Click here to download all my files. Click one … Continue reading

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