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Highlight Rows of Data in Excel with Conditional Formatting Formulas

In this post I will explain how to format certain rows in Excel with formatting that matches a condition set you a formula. First lets study the sample dataset in the screenshot below. Observe that the first row of data is … Continue reading

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Using the DATEDIF Function in Excel for Conditional Formatting Expired Training Dates [Video]

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Make a Baseball Schedule Easier to Read in Excel with Conditional Formatting [Video]

Opening Day for the Reds season is Monday! In honor of this great tradition, I created a video that uses conditional formatting in an Excel  which makes the spreadsheet easier to read. . . . Feel free to download the example file below.

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Display Gold Star Icons in Excel with Conditional Formatting

I want to share with you how to add gold stars to cells that meet a condition. In my example below, I want to highlight any cell that is greater than 90 for the customer service grade. First I select … Continue reading

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How to Use Excel Traffic Lights with Conditional Formatting Dates

Display traffic lights in Excel to track variances of a planned date and the actual date. Continue reading

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How to Format Dates In Excel That Are Over One Year Old To Turn Red, Yellow If Eleven Months Ago, And Green If Between One and Ten Months Ago

I’m writing this post in response to a comment that Charles wrote in my “How to change the color of an Excel date to red if over 1 year old”  post. It was such a good comment I thought I’d share my … Continue reading

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Use Excel’s Color Scales to Spot an Outlier

Can you spot the cell that is different than the rest in the screenshot below? Before   Select the cells, click the Home tab then Conditional Formatting–> Color Scales. Your outlier will stick out with a different color than the rest. … Continue reading

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Excel Conditional Formatting on Sales Greater Than $500,000 [Video]

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Excel Icon Sets Conditional Formatting Reports [Video]

This video post will share how to create a report in Excel using Icon Sets. Icon Sets are part of the conditional formatting. I share how to customize the icons. For example, each cell with a poor performance will have … Continue reading

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Using Data Bars in Excel to Create a Dashboard [Video]

Take advantage of Excel’s data bars for rich reporting and analysis. In this video I will teach you how to do some unique customizations with a data bar advancing closer to a set goal.

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