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How to Use the IF Function and the VLOOKUP Function Together In Excel

The Vlookup function is an awesome function. It looks up information in a table where you have defined the lookup value in the left-most column of the table. In this video I share how to use it with an IF … Continue reading

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How to Nest Formulas in Excel, Using the IF, VLOOKUP, and LEN functions. [Video]

This video post will teach¬†demonstrate how¬†to nest formulas in Excel. I share how to use an IF function to determine which table to gather data from using a VLOOKUP. If the region has 2 characters, then lookup the United States … Continue reading

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How to use a Vlookup in Excel

The Vlookup function is part of the Lookup & Reference category. The v stands for vertical. Vlookup has a sister, it is called Hlookup. The h is for Horizontal, not Hookup. But when you need a hookup with your data, … Continue reading

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