My Top 7 Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. Control + Semicolon to enter today’s date
  2. Control + Shift + arrow key  to select range of cells
  3. Control + Tab to switch between workbooks
  4. F4  to repeat formatting
  5. Control + C  to copy
  6. Control + V  to paste
  7.  Control + mouse wheel  to zoom in and out

Download my Excel Keyboard Shortcuts PDF guide for more Excel shortcuts.

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Don’t Show the Backstage when opening or saving files in Office 2013

If you have Office 2013, you no doubt have experienced a delay with opening and saving documents. That is because the backstage view appears and gives you many options. My assumption is that this allowed a view/ exposure to drive curiosity to the OneDrive account. I’m in favor of saving to the cloud, but I also want to be able to use my Control + O to open documents from the normal open dialog box with files on my computer. I found a handy solution to this this in the Options. Get to options from Excel, Word or PowerPoint by clicking the File tab, then click options. Click the Save category then check “Don’t show the backstage when opening or savings files.” And if I want to save to the cloud using my OneDrive account then I’ll happily click File–>Save As–>OneDrive.

Word backstage save and open

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Free Excel 2013 Self-Paced Courses By Microsoft

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Click here  to check the beginner, intermediate and advanced Excel 2013 courses.

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Free Self-Paced Training Courses for Access 2013 By Microsoft

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Access this link for beginner and intermediate self-paced courses for Access 2013 produced by Microsoft.


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Download my Student Exercise Files on OneDrive

Locate and download the student training files I use in class.

Click here to search and download the training files.

They are located in my shared public OneDrive folders.


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3 Parts to a Query Formula in Access

There are three parts to a query formula. The field name, colon, and the formula. From the query design view, click in the next available blank field. Then type what you would like to name the field. Follow with a colon, then the formula. User defined field names have square brackets around them.

access query

A view from the Query design will look like the following screenshot below.
Access query formula

Another option is to right click the formula field in the query design view then click build. This option is nice because you can double click on the field to insert it in the formula. It also helps avoid typo mistakes.
Expression Builder access query

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How To Make an Excel Chart of the Spurs vs Heat Game 5 NBA Finals [Video]

This Youtube video will teach you the new Chart features in Excel 2013. I created a line chart that uses data points for each team’s scoring totals at the quarters. Game 5 of the NBA finals between the San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heat was exciting if you are a Spurs fan! The Spurs played exciting basketball and won with teamwork.

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