Fill in Blank Cells with the Values Above in an Excel List [Video]

This video shares a cool trick for Excel lists. Sometimes when you import an Excel file you get blank values that need to be filled in. This video will share with you how to save time in accomplishing the tasks.
fill in blanks excel

Video below:

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Create Hidden and Visible Sections in an InfoPath Form [Video]

This video post will share with you the tricks to making an InfoPath form have sections that appear when needed. You can use conditional formatting to hide a section until an a value is entered in the form.

hidden infopath forms

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Using Excel’s GETPIVOTDATA formula to build a report outside of a Pivot Table [Video]

This video post will share with you an Excel trick on using the GetPivotData formula.

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Office 365 Benefits PowerPoint Slide Deck

Here is a copy of my Office 365 presentation I gave this afternoon.

June 2010: Microsoft releases SkyDrive. This is the consumer release to beta test Office 365 Office Apps.

May 2011: Microsoft purchases Skype for $8.5 billion in cash.

June 2011: Office 365 is made available to the public.

June 2012: Microsoft purchases Yammer for $1.2 billion.

January 2014: Microsoft rebrands to OneDrive – formally known as SkyDrive.

March 2014: Microsoft reveals Office for the iPad at an event in San Francisco.

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Word’s Go To Command: A Simple Yet Powerful Navigation Tool

When working with long documents in Word you often want to navigate quickly to another part of the document. For example, you might want to double check to make sure your hyperlinks are correct before publishing. Or you quickly run through all pictures in the document with out using the scroll bar.

You can either press F5 to open the Go To box or select it from the Home tab in the editing group.

Go To

The Go To box will appear as a tab along with the Find and Replace.

go to section

Choose Section from the options then click next or previous to navigate to a section break if you have any. Section breaks are needed when you want different headers and footers in your document.

Choose graphic when you want to navigate to all your pictures in the document.

Word Graphic go to

To navigate by hyperlinks, first choose field then from the enter field name drop down box choose hyperlink.
go to field hyperlink

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Excel Table Formulas [Video]

Excel Tables make it easier to work with data. They have some great formula referencing. This video post will share with you tips and tricks on how to create a table and format a table. I also reference tables in formulas as well as demonstrate how to use the total row feature.

Example: =Table[field]

Download my  Excel Tables.xlsx workbook I used in my video example.

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How to Create a Custom Table of Contents in Word [Video]

This video tutorial will teach you how to create a custom table of Contents in Word. The first step is to make a custom style via the Styles group in the Home tab. Second, click on the references tab then click custom table of contents. Click options, then remove the 1, 2, and 3 numbers from the built in heading 1 styles. Type a 1 after your custom style. Apply any format styles if necessary.

Download my Word keyboard shortcuts guide here.

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